Collection: Layers of Nostalgia

In October 2020, after long months when we were forced to remain in Malta by the COVID, we finally travelled to Italy 

The emotions elicited by that journey were strong. Besides the unforgettable joy of seeing our families, there was a delicate feeling, not so easy to understand, linked to the atmosphere. The light was softer, the air clean and just a little crispy in the morning. We travelled by train and had a good amount of time to enjoy the view, took pictures and drew some quick sketches of the beautiful layers of hills fading in the distance.

But it wasn't only that. The smell of the must just after the grape harvest, the scent of smoke coming from the wood stoves in the evening, the light morning fog in the valley ... in a word, nostalgia. A sweet, delicate longing for our small village in Umbria, for the beams and the fireplace, for the landscape and the autumn colours.

When we came back to Malta, we chose some images and decided to start a small collection of unique pieces called LAYERS of NOSTALGIA. After the first pieces, we had to change our plans and the project waited in a box until last October when we decided to carry it on.

The pendants are completely different from our usual jewellery and we have used some techniques we have set aside for a while. They are lovely and required a lot of work. We have chosen different shapes and sizes, including a couple of tiny and playful ones we have named "Scherzo" 1 and 2 using the classical music term for a small, joyful part of a larger work. All the pieces reproduce or are inspired by real landscapes of Central Italy, mostly Umbrian ones. Only one of the smaller pendants is inspired by the Warragamba Dam Lake, from a photo sent to us by a very dear member of our family living in Australia.

On the back of the bigger pieces, we have imprinted a date, either October 2020 or 2020/21 depending on when the pendant was made.

We hope you will love them as much as we do 🧡🤍

Layers of Nostalgia is an open collection and from time to time we will add a piece. Every time that we will feel that longing, breaking feeling for something that has been taken away from us.