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Layers of Nostalgia - Roots

Layers of Nostalgia - Roots

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The first piece of the Layers of Nostalgia collection comes from a quick view caught from the train, an unknown group of old houses on a hill. It was a rainy autumn early morning and a huge, dark cloud was looming over the village and the fields. 

The old houses looked welcoming and reassuring in the bad weather, in front of some ploughed fields partly hidden by some green bushes. The thoughts wandered about the lives still lived there, probably after centuries of uninterrupted life and changes. This is part of the special charme of certain areas in Italy: the feeling of being heirs of something that went on for centuries, apparently in a corner of the history but constituing the solid roots of a warm, beautiful, way of living.

Roots is made of silver, oxidized silver and copper, using different techniques and several layers of the two metals. As it was the first piece of the collection it is dated  "October 2020".

It comes with its handmade chain and an oxidized s-shaped elegant clasp.

It has been built to last but it is more delicate than industrial jewelry. We have applied a protective layer on the surface to preserve its colours but they will slightly change somehow over the time as part of a natural process.

We use recycled silver as much as we can, to reduce the environmental impact of our work and for ethical reasons. Recycled silver has exactly the same characteristics and value of mined silver but it is obtained from old jewelry or silverware. From our personal point of view, it adds value to the jewelry we make.

Important: you may polish the piece with a conventional silverware cloth, taking on account that the darker parts may fade if you rub them.




Made of oxidized sterling 925 silver and copper

Width: in.2.52 (cm.6.4)

Height: in. 1.41 (cm.3.6)

Chain length including pendant and clasp:  in.20.50 (cm.52)

Clasp: in.1.1x0.60 (cm.2.7x1.5)


Custom duties are not included. Extra UE customers may have to pay local duties.

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