• I wanted to buy some earrings so I subscribed for the discount, but I love your small stories!

    Marlene, 25 Dusseldorf

  • That thing about jewellery, design and toilets was clever and hilarious :)

    Vera, 48 Florence

  • "Well, in the end, it's not that bad. I expected something boring. Are you going to write more?

    Leonardo, 27 Città della Pieve. Our most severe test reader!

So, how is this newsletter different?

  • A pair of handcrafted silver earrings with pearls

    It's simple

    It speaks to normal people, telling of the daily life of a small activity in a natural non-committed way. Things that happen to us but may happen to everybody.

    Sometimes talking about jewellery, in a simple, realistic way. We will never be pressing about that.

  • It's unusual

    We write of scattered thoughts, stumbles, doubts and imperfections, without exaggerations and complaints.

    We know that those who read us have many interests other than jewellery. Thinking people in a few words.

  • It's natural

    Because you will frequently find nature in our stories.

    You will read about mountains and sea, Malta and our small Italian village, and craftsmanship of course.

    This newsletter is a way of keeping in contact with people who share some of our passions and it comes naturally to talk about them in a practical, simple way.

Will you send me other things?

From time to time we will add info about launches, offers and occasional discounts.

We will never speak of fashion trends!