The different jewellery

Unusual, adaptable and poetic jewellery

We make the jewellery that you were missing

The ones that you will never get tired of

  • Simple, beautiful, affordable design

    We strongly believe in few but well-crafted. So we look for clever solutions to make true craftsmanship a little less expensive and a bit more affordable.

    Our jewellery is flexible and adaptable, great to be used and reused on any occasion.


    Discover the small beauties

    The simple ones 
  • A group of handmade, adjustable, silver rings

    Never get bored of your jewellery again

    Versatile and long-lasting jewellery with timeless design.

    Say goodbye to jewels that quickly lose their charm, ending up in a mess at the bottom of your drawer.

    Embrace more than one shape, more than one size, more than one possibility. Everyday essentials and more.

    The adaptable 
  • Silver ring with a sailing ship


    What would be life without some poetry?

    From time to time, you need space for dreams and poetry, little stories, thoughts and emotions

    Handcrafted and poetic, we have got you covered!

    Discover the jewellery with a story inside.

    The poetic ones 
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