The Different Jewellery and More

Slow-made, unusual crafts

Working with silver, yarns and wood


Handwoven scarves, throws, table runners, coasters and book signs coming from Gioia's... 


You will soon find here Ivano's sculptures and small wooden pieces. 

We are Gioia and Ivano

Crafters, artists, dreamers and hikers.

We are goldsmiths based in Malta but our roots are in Italy where we frequently go. We make jewellery and a few other things that you will discover here.

The jewels we craft tell about our world and the things we value in life. They come from the nature that we experience, from our thoughts and feelings, from the art we see, from the tales that we hear, and from our stories.

We believe in few but well-crafted things, rich in poetry and beauty, echoes and meanings. So, we look for clever solutions to make the true craftmanship e little less expensive and a little more affordable for everyone.

Here, you will find jewellery, sculptures, and handwoven textiles, some of them done as a job, others for pleasure, all with passion.

If you want to know more and keep in contact, there are our blog and our newsletter where you will find a little bit of everything: stories about jewellery and the sea, woven textiles, wood and mountains, hikes and small discoveries.

Welcome to our place!


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Layers of Nostalgia

In October 2020, after long months when we were forced to remain... 

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