Collection: Sea Rings

A playful celebration the sea with a special story behind

One day, in a beautiful, secluded, small bay, we found the remains of a big orange, plastic rope stuck in a rock. After having struggled to take them away, we thought - in a sort of contrapasso -  to incorporate them in some rings. We thought that we could use the undulated smaller part of the rope as waves amidst which we could have put small boats and dreamy islets.

It didn't work: the threads lost their waves and small pieces the more we touched them. A disaster.

Still, the idea of those imagery sea view was in our mind, like small dreams we didn't want to let go of. So, instead of paper and pencil, we used silver and hacksaw to draw four disks to be mounted on rings as precious stones. 

Choose the one that you like, choose the ring size, and we will make it for you :)