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"Hawaii" - Sea Ring

"Hawaii" - Sea Ring

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Silver ring with a tiny island, its small tropical palm, a calm sea, and a small, shining sun.

This Hawaii ring is the second of the Sea Rings series, a group of playful jewellery celebrating the sea with happiness and simplicity.

A delicate fretwork draws the elements like a stencil and the ring will be mounted with four griffe on an adaptable shank, set to your size just after your purchase.


The Hawaii ring has been handmade in our artisan workshop using recycled silver. It has a lightly frosted surface that we have protected with special treatment. Although resistant, it will gradually change through time, becoming more shiny following a natural process.


We protect our rings against darkening but like all silver jewellery they may tarnish, especially if left unprotected when not used (better keep it in a box or a cloth bag). If necessary you can easily clean your Tropical Seas ring by very delicately rubbing it with a polishing cloth. You can also rub it with a dump pinch of bicarbonate of soda, then rinse and dry. Don't use this method on other jewellery unless you are sure it is appropriate.


We only use recycled silver, to reduce the environmental impact of our work and for ethical reasons. Recycled silver has the same characteristics and value as mined silver but it is obtained from old jewellery or silverware. From our point of view, it adds value to the jewellery we make.


We send this ring by Registered Mail within three days after your order.


Made of recycled sterling/925 silver


Size: custom. Please remember to give us your size! Please specify if US, UK or Italian size  :)

Disk diameter in.0.98 (cm.2,5)

Taxes and Custom duties are not included. European customer will pay taxes at checkout, non-European may have to pay Import Duties.

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