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Rust silver pendant

Rust silver pendant

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The RUST Pendant is the first piece of our RUST  & co. collection. A very simple and linear silver pendant with a small zircon in a corner. It is a double sided neckpiece so you can either show or hide the zircon by simply turning the pendant. It definitely is a long-lasting iconic piece and great addition to your jewelry.

The Rust Pendant has an unusual, textured surface reminding an old, rusted piece of iron, which is the main feature of Rust & co. We love to use the irregular surfaces to preserve the feeling of the strenght of the natural forces that made the silver. 

The pendant is totally handmade in our artisan workshop, from melting the silver to the very last finishing. Its surface has an irregular, not catching, rust-like finishing and its typical of our works. Being raw and edgy is a characteristic of this pendant but it has been accurately finished to allow the best of wearability. 

This designer pendant - held by a black cotton multi-thread necklace - is a real statement piece, the kind of jewelry you can use in almost any occasion and it is absolutely stunning with the matching RUST earrings, so give them a look as well. They are available either with or without zircons.

The pendant is made of sterling/925 silver and its beautiful, slightly witish color is obtained with a special treatement of the silver, a totally natural process. It will gradually wear off on the edges and the process will progressively give a more shiny finishing to the whole piece.

As every jewel we make, the RUST pendant is completely handmade. Each piece has its unique, small differences and is made to last for a long time. 

We use recycled silver as much as we can, to reduce the environmental impact of our work and for ethical reasons. Recycled silver has exactly the same characteristics and value of mined silver but it is obtained from old jewelry or silverware. From our personal point of view, it adds value to the jewelry we make.



Made of oxidized sterling 925 silver and zircon.

Dimensions: Pendant:  in. 2.36 x 0.98 x 0.79 (cm. 6 x 2.5 x 2)

                      Necklace: in.18.90 (cm. 48)

Measures may vary a little, as every piece is individually handmade.

Taxes and Custom duties are not included. European customer will pay taxes at checkout, non-European may have to pay Import Duties.

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