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Earrings "Mix 8"

Earrings "Mix 8"

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The Mix 8 earrings are a further variation of simple shapes - circles and squares - and on the theme of interchangeability which we are recently working on. You can either use them as simple studs or as longer, unusual earrings - with the addition of a second component to one or both of them.

You can choose where to put the dangling, longer part ending with the two squares: between the stud and the earlobe or at its back. 


As for all our jewelry, we have used recycled silver.


Made of sterling/925 recycled silver


the diameter of the studs is 0.35" (mm.9);

the bigger square is 0.59" (mm.15);

the smaller square is 0.35" (mm.9) 

total length is 1.77" (cm.4,5)


Custom duties are not included. Extra UE customers may have to pay local duties.

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