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Cuts n. 1 Ring and Band

Cuts n. 1 Ring and Band

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The Cuts n.1 Ring and Band are part of our permanent collection named L+G. They come in two versions, Normal and Wide. The rings are totally handmade in our artisan workshop, from melting the silver to the very last finishing. They have a beautiful satin finish surface, and are accurately finished to allow the best of wearability. On the central part there are three carved and oxidized small cuts. 

The overlapping parts of the rings - a design feature, are not soldered to make it easy to tighten or enlarge them. Nobody's hands will be the same during the whole life and these rings are made to last. You will anyway have to bring yours to be professionally adjusted to a different size but it will be an easy work that will not modify your ring's features. 

The rings are made of sterling 925 silver and have a satin but not extremely shiny finish. The satin finish will fade through the time but the ring will keep a nicely opaque surface and the cuts will keep their darkness.

As all silver jewelry, they will tend to tarnish, specially if you don't protect them when not using (better keep them in a box or in a cloth bag). You can easily clean your ring by delicately rubbing it with a polishing cloth or with dump bicarbonate of soda, then rinse and dry. Don't strongly rub the inside part of the black cuts or you will damage them. Don't use this method on other jewelry unless you are sure it is appropriate.

As every jewel we make, this ring is completely handmade. Each piece has its unique, small differences and is made to last for a long time. 

We use recycled silver as much as we can, to reduce the environmental impact of our work and for ethical reasons. Recycled silver has exactly the same characteristics and value of mined silver but it is obtained from old jewelry or silverware. From our personal point of view, it adds value to the jewelry we make.

Band or big rings fit less than other rings. If you order the ring in your usual ring size, we will add appropriate room, proportionally to the band dimensions unless you specifically ask us not to adjust it.

These rings were first thought for men's hands but they are truly nice on any :) , just ask us for a custom, smaller, size.

Please remember to accurately check which width you prefer, to be sure to order the variation you like more. 


Made of sterling 925 silver

Small oxidized parts

Normal version width 0.28” (mm.7)

Wide version width 0.43” (mm11)

Thickness approximately 0.05” (mm.1.2) getting almost double in the central part


Custom duties are not included. Extra UE customers may have to pay local duties.

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