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Tourmaline Ring

Tourmaline Ring

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This massive ring is unique and we hope that the person who will use it will also love its story

We wanted  a ring with a geological feeling, bringing to evidence the strength and beauty of the natural materials, crafting something in between a sea shore and the moon surface. Its raw appearance is full of meaning and has a beautiful green tourmaline set in an unusually bent structure on one side.

The special crafting process that we used doesn't allow to completely foresee the shapes that the small kind-of-stripped pieces of silver will have, so we choose the ones that fit better with the design (take a look at some of our Reels on Instagram to understand what we mean).⠀⠀

As a small jewelry brand we make all our pieces personally in our workshop, using both traditional and innovative goldsmiths techniques. We value the metal and the stone we work with, as they are precious resources with their strength and beauty already before any human intervention. We also value what we can give by interacting with them, the thoughts, the feelings and the energies that we put in our work.

Our pieces always bring traces of this view. They are rarely polished, and their surfaces are irregular although not catching. We think that a jewel should tell a story, have a clean design and show its link to the natural forces that shape our experience as living beings. We would say that all these elements are very well represented in this special ring.⠀⠀⠀


The rings is made of recycled sterling 925 silver and the tourmaline is part of an old batch we bought years ago. We use recycled silver as much as we can, to reduce the environmental impact of our work and for ethical reasons. Recycled silver has exactly the same characteristics and value of mined silver but it is obtained from old jewelry or silverware. From our personal point of view, it adds value to the jewelry we make. 


Metal: recycled, sterling/925 silver

Stone: cabochon light green tourmaline

Size:  fits a 7 (Italian 14) but we can resize it to a 7.5 (Italian 16)

Dimensions: please check them in the photo to avoid any confusion.


Custom duties are not included. Extra UE customers may have to pay local duties.

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