What we do

  • Simple and flexible jewellery: the everyday essentials

    You can use our jewellery every day and on any occasion: at work, for a mountain hike or an evening out.

    How is it possible? Because they have a simple design and are adaptable and modular.

  • Unique pieces that tell a story: the special ones

    Our special pieces, the ones that you give yourself for an occasion, are made to last and don't follow quick trends.

    They tell a story, speak to the soul and will always keep their emotional value.

Buy less, buy better? We agree

This is why we make the kind of jewels that you put on and never get tired of, with a slow-made, long-lasting design.

The jewellery that you will never leave in a drawer asking yourself why you once bought it.

  • Our customers

    Our customers look for unusual pieces with an idea behind them, really handmade and with a link to the natural world. They are happy to know that we care about which sign we leave in the world and that we value the materials that we use.

  • What we offer

    We offer them linear but slightly raw objects, with the silver reminding of the rocks and the earth where it comes from, or light and transparent like clouds, few semiprecious stones, and a lot of care in the making process, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings.

We look for clever solutions to make real craftsmanship more accessible


  • JAD, simple things, not simplifications...

    JAD is a duo, Gioia Clavenzani and Ivano Ghinelli, based in Malta with strong Italian roots. We love simple things, not simplifications.

    We call ourselves artisans but feel like artists. Gioia weaves and Ivano loves sculpting wood. We both love the sea but are crazily in love with the mountains.

    JAD has an evident thing with dual, double, opposites…

Here you will find

Silver jewellery

Our passions: hand-woven textiles and wooden sculptures.

A blog, with stories of our crafts and hikes.