Opening - Southern Depths and Northern Lights: Different Likeness

Opening - Southern Depths and Northern Lights: Different Likeness

December 09, 2019

Our first solo exhibition comes from the observation of the delicate creatures and glass sponges living under Antarctica. It will explore similarities and differences between deep seas and surfaces of the North and South Pole, darkness and light, transparency and solidity, strength and fragility as metaphors of the apparent contrast between the human perception of a solid reality and the possibility that reality itself – as we perceive it - might be only a creation of the observer.


In the wake of our previous works on human perception of time and reality, this exhibition was born from the first ever taken picture of the sea-bed under Antarctica, a place where no humans have ever been and where living beings have been running their existence beyond our knowledge and out of our consciousness. A fascinating and fragile place in only apparent contrast with the light of the surface which - despite its tough and hard appearence, is one of the most endangered environment of the earth.


Opening Event: 16th January 19-21 2020

16th January - 5th February

Malta Society of Arts - Palazzo De La Salle - Valletta



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