JAD - The different jewelry

JAD - The different jewelry

So, here we are, Gioia and Ivano, in our workshop. Not exactly used to show ourselves but we thought it was time to show whose are the four hands behind JAD.

A lot of thinking went on during the last months and we have now decided to change several things in the way we work and make our jewelry.

Our last exhibition has been a wonderful experience and it gave us back the taste for creating more unique pieces, small collections of jewelry inspired by the same theme. Even if our works have changed and evolved in the past years, looking at our story we realized we have left aside this important part. We miss it, we want it back. We want to make mre soul inspired jewelry, following the hints given us by special moments, impressions and thinking.

Something that have always impressed us is how many people say that our jewely are "different", how many people are interested in the process of our work and in the stories behind our pieces. Back in Italy it was quite frequent to spend half an afternoon explaining to someone the ideas and the work behind a jewel. Tis is also something we want back, if not in person, at least online.

We will anyway go on selling our pieces here, in Malta, at Find the Door, but we will be more present online - with this new website and on Instagram - with our small permanent collections and new, unique pieces. See you soon! 

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